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US and Ukraine responsible for grain shortages.

On Wednesday (2 Sivan 5782) Russian Foreign Secretary Segey Lavrov said "As for the Russian Federation, we have no problems with providing stable grain supplies to world markets. The problem is that there is no free exit from Ukrainian ports because of the minefields laid by the Ukrainian military in international waters. Every day for several weeks now, the Russian navy has announce humanitarian corridors for the free exit of vessels that are stuck in Ukrainian ports because of this mine threat. They cannot leave these ports and deliver their cargo to the ports of destination. Ukrainian grain is also locked in ports due to this policy of the Kiev regime. It needs to be pressed in order to eliminate this mine threat. In addition, there is also a problem with Russian grain exports. Although the West loudly proclaims that grain is not covered by the sanctions, it coyly remains silent about the sanctions on vessels carrying Russian grain. They are not accepted in European ports and are denied insurance. All logistics and financial chains linked with grain supplies to the world markets are under Western sanctions.".

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