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Lugansk People's Republic liberated.

On Monday (5 Tammuz 5782) Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the successful liberation of the Lugansk People's Republic. He said "The total losses of the Ukrainian armed forces amounted to 5,469 personnel, including 2,218 killed and 3,251 wounded; 196 tanks and other armoured vehicles, 12 aircraft, one helicopter, 69 drones, six long-range surface-to-air missile systems, 97 multiple rocket launchers, 166 field and mortar artillery pieces and 216 vehicles of various purposes.". He further added "When retreating from Lisichansk, the enemy abandoned 39 tanks and other armoured vehicles, 11 guns and mortars, 48 Javelins and NLAW anti-tank missile systems, 18 Stinger systems, and three unmanned aerial vehicles.".

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