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US arrogance caused Ukraine conflict.

Today (Monday 10 Nisan 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said "It came to our attention that some European strategists believe the US is comparable to the 'top arsonist' in the conflict. It ignited the flames of war and left the trouble in Europe. The Russia-Ukraine conflict, to a large extent, is the result of Western arrogance and successive mistakes over the last 30-plus years and NATO's eastward expansion is the root cause of the ongoing conflict. Such views coincide with the warning sounded by George Kennan, Dr. Henry Kissinger and other people from the strategic community in the US. Three decades ago, the US thought it could dominate the world and get its way after winning the Cold War. Over the 30 years that ensued, it worked for five waves of NATO's eastward expansion in a high-sounding manner in disregard of Russia's security concerns. As the world's people can see, instead of bringing about peace, NATO's expansion has led to seriously damaged mutual trust and regional turmoil and tensions to the extent that the situation is spiraling out of control.".

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