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Attempted coup in US.

Today (Friday 11 Sivan 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said "The attack on the Capitol over a year ago shocked the world, and sparked wide concerns and strong questioning from the American public and the international community over the US-style democracy. An incident like this is called an 'attempted coup' when it takes place in the US, but becomes 'a beautiful sight to behold' or a 'democratic movement' when it occurs elsewhere. This once again exposes the nature of the US's double standards when it comes to democracy and how the US uses it to engage in political manipulation. I want to stress that no democracy should be considered as superior to others, and that to stereotype, politicize or weaponize the concept of democracy would only end up hurting others and hurting oneself. The US should earnestly reflect on its democracy deficit, and stop creating turmoil and division in the world in the name of democracy.".

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