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US moves to limit investment in China.

Today (Tuesday 15 Sivan 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said "The Chinese side opposes the US practice of using national security as a catch-all pretext to ramp up unjustified investment review. This practice creates difficulties and obstacles for companies from China, the US and all other countries to engage in normal trade and investment cooperation. Such practices are detrimental to international trade order and trading rules and could seriously threaten the stability of global industrial and supply chains. I would like to stress that openness and inclusiveness is the trend of our times. Actions to shut doors and seek isolation, however, are anachronistic and retrogressive. China is a most vibrant huge market with the greatest potential. China will not waver in its commitment to expanding high-level opening-up, and will only open its door even wider. To invest in China is to invest in the future. By proposing misplaced curbs on normal trade and business ties with China, the US politicians will not succeed in blocking China's development. Rather, they will be surrounding the US with walls and and costing the US itself opportunities to grow.".

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