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Ukraine crisis affects developing countries.

Today (Monday 18 Adar II 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said "The Ukraine crisis is developing in a way that goes beyond itself, with spillovers affecting the whole world. In this regard, the majority of countries in the world, including China and other developing countries, share reasonable concerns and hold similar positions. It is a widely shared view that: First, when addressing regional and international hotspot issues, war and sanctions are not the only options, and dialogue and negotiation is the fundamental way out. Under the current circumstances, it is more important to stick to this direction. Second, the momentum of world economic recovery should not be disrupted. Escalating unilateral sanctions will fracture the global industrial and supply chains and hurt the livelihood of people of all countries, who should by no means be made to bear the brunt of geopolitical conflicts and major-country rivalry. Third, all countries have the right to independently decide their foreign policies, and should not be forced to choose sides. When dealing with complex issues and divergent views, one should not opt for the simplistic approach of 'friend or foe' and 'black or white'. It is particularly important to reject Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation. Fourth, the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected at all times. This principle applies to all countries and regions. There should be no exception, still less double standards.".

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