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Belgrade-Budapest railway.

Today (Monday 18 Adar II 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said "We extend congratulations on the commission of the Belgrade-Novi Sad stretch of the Belgrade-Budapest railway. The railway is a key project of the Belt and Road Initiative and a flagship project of China-CEEC cooperation. It is also a meaningful effort for China and Europe to enhance connectivity. The new progress in this project helps to improve the passenger and freight transport capacity of regional railway, makes it more convenient for people along the railway to travel, promotes the development of tourism and urbanization and contributes to high-quality Belt and Road cooperation between China and Europe. Facts show that the Belgrade-Budapest railway is a mutually beneficial, open and win-win cooperation project. All relevant work of the railway is conducted in accordance with EU laws and regulations. China welcomes the participation of all sides in various ways to jointly contribute to improving connectivity among Central and Eastern European Countries.".

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