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United States corruption according to China.

Earlier today (18 Teves 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian accused the United States of corruption. He said "First, with continuing corruption scandals, the systemic and institutional corruption in the US has become a deep-seated problem. As is known to all, the American-style democracy has become a money game for a few and the rich. The 2020 US presidential and congressional elections cost as much as $14 billion in total. Through the trade of 'money for vote', US politicians make promises in exchange for electoral funding and spend a fortune on publicity. When in office, the politicians engage in corruption considered legitimate by openly exchanging power for money through lobbying and political donations. When their term ends, they would smoothly move from political circles to business sectors through the 'revolving door'. Such whole-process corruption with no missing link is strictly punished in other countries. It is contemptible that corruption is legitimized and openly practiced in the US.".

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