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US uses coercive diplomacy.

Earlier today (19 Teves 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said "Facts have proven many times that the US is the one juggling with unilateral sanctions and coercive diplomacy in all forms. Examples abound in terms of unwarranted unilateral sanctions, long-arm jurisdiction and the abuse of state power to suppress foreign institutions, companies and individuals in accordance with US domestic law, which have drawn wide opposition from the international community.". This comes amid Western accusations that China is bullying Lithuania because of its diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Regarding the European Union he said "If the EU wants to uphold an international order that is equitable and fair, it should tell right from wrong, stay objective and unbiased, and take real actions to safeguard the steady and sound development of China-EU relations. It should not move to the US' tune, and stand on the wrong side of justice.".

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