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China responds to Trudeau.

Earlier today (Monday 23 Teves 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said "We never play countries off one another or coerce anyone. In fact, China is a victim of the coercive diplomacy of the US and other Western countries. The US plotted the Meng Wanzhou incident in an attempt to hobble and suppress China's hi-tech industry. A handful of countries led by the US unscrupulously interfere in China’s internal affairs on issues related to Hong Kong and Xinjiang in the name of democracy and human rights, trying to impose their 'rules' on China. That's flat-out coercive diplomacy!". He further commented on the direction of China-Canada relations "The China-Canada relationship is standing at a crossroads. Does Canada see China as a partner or a rival? This is a fundamental question bearing on the future of bilateral ties that Canada must figure out how to answer. China attaches importance to relations with Canada and holds that we should grow bilateral ties on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. This is our consistent and clear position. Canada should replace its wrong perception of China with an objective and rational view, adopt a positive and pragmatic China policy, work with the Chinese side in the same direction and bring bilateral relations back onto the right track of development.".

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