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No ceiling to China-Russia mutual trust.

Today (Thursday 25 Shevat 5782) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said "I want to stress that there is no ceiling to China-Russia mutual trust, no forbidden zone in our strategic cooperation and no limit on how far our long-standing friendship can go. China and Russia see each other as a priority in our respective diplomacy, which is a strategic choice based on our respective long-term development. The fundamental goal is to deliver benefits to the two countries and two peoples, uphold world peace and stability and promote international fairness and justice. The China-Russia relationship is the model of a new type of international relations in the real sense. We take no interest in and will not create the so-called alliances and small cliques put together out of selfish interests with the Cold War mentality featuring a binary thinking of seeing others either as a friend or an enemy. All attempts at demonization and provocation are doomed to fail. China is ready to work with Russia to press ahead along the course charted by the two heads of state, fully unleash the huge potential and advantage in our cooperation and inject more stability and positive energy in the turbulent and changing world.".

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